Find out why cycling is becoming a serious business – and how you can be part of the emerging cycling economy – at the Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress 2015.

The Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress (APCC) is the southern hemisphere’s premier cycle planning and industry conference, bringing together key cycling experts, researchers and enthusiasts from around the world.

Held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 September 2015, this year’s conference will focus on the growing opportunities to ride the ‘pedal-powered economy’.

Topics covered will include:

APCC-arrow  space Economic benefits from cycle tourism to industry innovations, cycling is increasingly becoming big business.
 APCC-heart  space Health and safety – as the pedal-powered economy grows, so does the focus on health and well-being.
 APCC-cyclist  space New opportunities and markets – more and more people are cycling here and around the world, opening up previously untapped opportunities.


StravaJoins APCC

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Strava, the leading global community of runners and cyclists, will make its first journey to Australia in September to headline big data sessions at APCC.

Brian Riordan, Manager and lead of Strava Metro will join the cycling conversation to share rare insights into the Strava story and how the organisation is shaping the ‘new world’ through social media and data analytics.

Strava’s new division, Strava Metro, aims to produce state-of-the-art spatial data products and services to improve cycling, running and walking in cities.

By using Strava Metro, departments of transportation and city planners, as well as advocacy groups and corporations, can make informed and effective decisions when planning, maintaining, and upgrading cycling and pedestrian corridors.

Check out Strava’s Global Heat maps here and experience the significance of this new data.



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